Terms & Conditions

  1. By purchasing a ticket you agree to all the event’s Terms & Conditions stated here.
  2. The Organisers reserve the right and shall have unfettered discretion to change the timing, location and content of the Show (or any part of the Show) without being obliged to refund or exchange tickets.
  3. Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  4. Proof of age may be required for all ticket types. Please ensure that you have ID with you in case you are asked. Failure to provide such ID may result in you being asked to leave.
  5. By purchasing an Under 14s ticket you are confirming that you are the parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian of the child for whom you are purchasing. Under 14 ticket holders can only enter the event with the person who purchased their ticket.
  6. Re-entry to the event is not permitted.
  7. Right of admission reserved.
  8. Anti social behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be ejected without refund.
  9. No admission without a valid ticket.
  10. No entry to the site after after 9pm on Friday, 7pm on Saturday and 5pm on Sunday.
  11. Ticket holders give their express consent to the use of the actual or simulated likeness in connection with the production, exhibition, advertising and/or exploitation of any photos, film, video and/or audio recording of this event and/or any element thereof in any/all media throughout the world.
  12. Guests may be searched on entry to the event.
  13. Alcohol and food cannot be brought into the event. Only bottled water will be permitted.
  14. Alcohol Policy: Meatopia operates the ‘Challenge 21’ policy.